Hot Summer with Legacy Academy!

Tomasz Jabłoński among the very best players in the format

This summer our friends and members of Akademia Legacy are really striking gold. See for your self and decide, if you would like to improve your skills as we do:

Adaś Gerwatowski Top16 in MTGO Legacy Showcase with Elves

Mateo QM Top16 in „Impact Returns” in Spain with Death&Taxes

Tomasz Jabłoński Top2 in „Legacy HajStejk 2” in Katowice with KarnEcho

Artur Bogusiak Top2 in „Legacy HajStejk 2” in Katowice with WR Death&Taxes

Adaś Gerwatowski 5-0 MTGO Trophy League with Elves and Burn

Tomasz Jabłoński 19x 5-0 MTGO Trophy League with KarnEcho

Cyprian Gawron 3x MTGO Trophy League with RB Reanimator

Adaś Gerwatowski & Mariusz Korothir 5-0 MTG Trophy League with Show&Tell donation decklist

Mariusz Korothir in interview about Polish Legacy for „Leaving a Legacy” podcast

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