European Legacy Masters

We are extremely proud to announce our cooperation with European Legacy Masters!!! The invitational contest of the national Legacy masters from across the Europe will be hosting the best players from each country able to prepare competitive tournaments, awarding particular number of invitational slots.

For the first edition of the Championship, scheduled for 03.12.2022, we’ve been given 4 invitations to grant to the best Legacy experts Poland can offer. This year, due to relatively short period before grand final in Italy, some of those can be assigned retroactively between former champions, distinguished players and / or content creators, leaving tournament-only requirement for upcoming year.


Given all this, we’ve decided to share slots in following order:

  • 1 invitation for the winner of upcoming Legacy Trial V in November the 5th
  • 1 invitation for the highest rank in MtGO Legacy Trophy Lead among Polish players until November the 5th
  • 1 invitation for the reigning Polish Legacy Champion – Maciej „Fidzio” Fidziński
  • 1 invitation for Adam „Gerwaz” Gerwatowski – consecutive Top player in all Legacy tournaments in last 3 years, the sole Polish Twitch & Discord content creator for Legacy, the sole Polish Top 16 in latest Legacy Showcase and Legacy Challenge

This way we hope to give equal opportunity to all competitors of both – paper and online – environments, while at the same time recognizing already accomplished players and those engaged in reviving Polish Legacy in passing years.

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